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Custom Night Guards


100% satisfaction guarantee

Pro Night Guard offers a 100% results satisfaction guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied, all you have to do is simply return the product within 30 days (Shipping charges exempt) and we'll give you a full refund. The 30 days begin when you receive the finished product (custom night guard or replacement retainers).

Here at Pro Night Guard we want you to be satisfied with the products we provide. It is important that your teeth and gums are visible in the impression. Impressions must be made according to the instructions for accuracy. If our dental technicians are unable to fabricate your custom whitening trays or night guards from your impression, or upon your receipt of the trays, they do not fit properly; a redo kit will be sent in order to get the proper impressions. If after the redo kit has been implemented and you are unsatisfied with your custom appliances, a refund may then be issued upon your request and the return of all used and unused materials. Please allow 3 - 7 days to receive your refund.