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Custom Night Guards



Our night guard will give you immediate relief from the discomfort you get from grinding your teeth. It’s custom-made, affordable, and comfortable.

Pronightguard.com specializes in crafting custom-fitted night guards. Our team of professionals has been manufacturing night guards for dentists nationwide for over 20 years. Order a night guard from us and you’ll get the same product, with the same quality and results as one purchased from your dentist. At a greatly reduced cost too.


Your dentist uses labs just like ours to obtain custom-made night guards. But getting a guard from your dentist will cost you anywhere from $400 to $900 --- none of it covered by insurance plans. Purchase directly from Pronightguard.com and you’ll get everything your dentist offers . . . at an unbelievable savings. Skip trying to bypass your dentist by using the drugstore boil-and-bite version of a night guard. You’ll soon be frustrated by its bulkiness and wearing it will annoy you. 

Starting at $119.00, you can buy with confidence that your Custom Night Guards will be made using the same equipment, materials, and process as one your dentist will supply. Your guards will be fitted to your unique oral structure, giving you superior fit so that you can comfortably wear it all night long.

 Order now

Place your order through our secure system now and you’ll receive a kit containing all of the materials you need to make your own top and bottom teeth impressions. It takes just a few minutes. Then, using the postage-paid envelope that came with your kit, return your impressions to our dental lab. You’ll be days away from relief.

 Lose your night guard on vacation? Accidentally discard it? Wear it out with continual use? Take advantage of our Lifetime Replacement Policy. Here’s how it works. When we first fabricate your custom night guard, we’ll make a duplicate and store it for you. Then, when you need a new one, call us or log in to this site. For just $39.95 (plus shipping and handling), our skilled technicians will have a new night guard heading to you within 24 hours. We‘ll store your impressions so that we can quickly and easily deliver the most effective solution to the pain and damage caused by nocturnal bruxism.


Click on our products link to add to your order. Enhance your smile with our whitening systems, cleaners, cases, and a guard that you can wear day or night.