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Replacement Retainers

Lost or broken retainer? Pro Night Guard saves the day!

6 out of 10. Sixty percent. A majority or retainer wearers. That is the actual statistic of how many people in the Evertain program lose or break their retainers within their fist six months as members. That number is real. That number means you will probably need to call Evertain or visit your doctor for replacement retainers if you are one of the millions of people wearing them today. Our retainer replacement and protection service, Evertain, receives tons of calls each day from that 60 percentile. We hear all the stories, dogs eating retainers, retainers mysteriously dissapearing, thrown away by accident, broken retainers, stolen retainers, we hear it all.

Lately something else has starting happening. Times are tough, every precious dollar people have left over each month is guarded like never before. Moms and dads and the teens calling us at Evertain are all telling us they just can't afford to replace their retainer based on the price they were given at the doctor's office. We are hearing prices from the doctor of $150 per retainer. $200 per retainer. Up to $200 for each retainer in some markets. Those prices get your retainer replaced, but what happens when, not if, you lose or break a retainer again? Evertain was created for that very scenario - the 60% of you out there - who will lose or break your retainers. Evertain makes worrying about lost or broken retainers a thing of the past. So we listened to what people were telling us. We know how tough times are and how expensive retainers can be, so we came up with a great solution.

Evertain now offers replacement retainers for as little as $169 for upper and lower retainers. That means you can replace a lost or broken retainer for just $109! What is even better is that you can now replace your retainer without visiting the doctor by taking a mold of your teeth on your own which keeps your precious dollars AND precious time safe and sound! The mold is easy to do and in the testing Evertain conducted 90% of them came back to us perfect and resulted in the same precise fitting retainer you were wearing before.

You can read more about this new $119 retainer replacement service by clicking here.
Simple to afford, simple to do, simply your most economical way to replace retainers and protect them agains future loss or breakage.


Advantages of Using Evertain:

  • Dentist charge $150 to $250 dollars per retainer, you pay just $219.00 For 2
  • Evertain lifetime replacement of just $29.95*
  • Same equipment & process your Dentist will use
  • Fast, Easy and the best program.
  • Save hundreds by buying direct!


*Lifetime Replacement Fee is $39.95 per order. Replacement may require new impressions at no extra charge